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The first portrait is not something that is important just for you, but it is also something your child will cherish forever. Your children can have that not only as a reminder of how cute they were but also of how much love you had for them. The best time to photograph a newborn is within 14 days after birth because the baby is flexible and mostly sleeping, so you should plan ahead. Book a shoot during your pregnancy so it can be taken at the right time. However, this two-week window is the only time we will have to get the crucial poses we are looking for since it is easier to handle the baby then. You need a photographer who is patient, experienced and creative. Someone who can think outside the box. Not everyone has the patience, expertise or imagination for newborn photography. Capturing moments through unique newborn portraits is my expertise. I put a lot of thought and effort into creating each photograph to ensure that it is a memorable experience for you and you will love every single thing. The work that I create is not just a photograph or a portrait; it is a unique work of art. I have 9 years experience newborn photography so I will be able to better comprehend your needs, so together we can create something you will love.
I will make all the necessary preparations before the day of the shoot to make it a memorable experience for you. Call today for your consultation 980-327-6681. During which, I will guide you about various things relevant to the shoot, and go over pricing and answer any questions you may have.
Newborn Photography Indian Trail, Charlotte, NCNewborn Photography Indian Trail, Charlotte, NCNewborn Photography Indian Trail, Charlotte, NCNewborn Photography Indian Trail, Charlotte, NC

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