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When was the last time you played make believe? As a little girl I dreamed of benevolent fairies, and handsome princes, and beautiful gossamer gowns. And while, unlike Peter Pan, I had to grow up, I never stopped believing. There is magic in a baby’s laugh, a little girl’s smile, and a mother’s glow; and I capture it all, like fireflies in a jar. You will be able to watch your little girl turn into the real life fairy princess of her dreams, or watch your little pirate go on his first adventure to find lost treasure. And if you're, like me, never stopped believing, together we can make even the most fantastical dreams come true. Step into my real life fairy garden, I will provide couture gowns, vintage inspired costumes, and one of a kind accessories and wings for youthful believers ages 1-12 and newborns, as well as maternity gowns. No matter where your story leads you, the Ideal Moment, can be magically captured.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”- W.B. Yeats

For more information please call 773-744-4260 (Agnes) I would love to discuss with you all details and help you create your special one of a kind session. I can't wait to hear from you. 



Is bringing fairy tales to life. It is something you might never have seen before – it is unlike any ordinary photograph and it is a fine art portrait. Creating fairy tale scenes in real life may sound like a Herculean task, but it is something I love doing. For me, working on whimsical portraits is a joy, which is why I create this magic every day. You will get a better idea after having a thorough discussion directly with me in the free consultation, and when you actually see the magic unfold in the Whimsical photo-shoot.

Creating a whimsical masterpiece is nothing less than a creative challenge consisting of different steps – racking your brain to come up with a creative idea for the theme, planning and creating the scene until the last detail, conducting the shoot and finally the postproduction editing. Post editing does of whimsical portraits does not only consist of basic corrections, but it also includes photo manipulation. Magical elements such as flowing mystical rivers or fireflies are created through photo manipulation, to enhance the aesthetics of the portrait. Even the minutest details matter when it comes to Whimsical portraits, which why they require hours of extensive editing and photo manipulation.

A lot of careful planning and hard work goes in to bring these whimsical scenes to life. Selecting the props, finalizing the outfits, choosing the correct lighting and deciding what elements to add are just some of the many things I handle to ensure that you get nothing but the best. I present you with creative and unique photographs and exquisite wall arts to adorn your walls.



I am sure that your baby is the most precious thing in the world for you right now. All the different feelings you are experiencing and the love you have for your baby is what I try to showcase in newborn photography. What I want to do is help you cherish these one-of-a-kind moments in your life through unique masterpieces, which we will create together. Having a portrait with your newborn is something that will project you into the past every time you peer over it. It is something that will make you cry and make you laugh; it will fill you with nostalgia and the feeling of love. The first portrait is not something that is important just for you, but it is also something your child will cherish forever. Your children can have that not only as a reminder of how cute they were but also of how much love you had for them.

It is my belief that the best time to photograph a newborn is within 14 days after birth because the baby is flexible and mostly sleeping, so you should plan ahead. Book a shoot during your pregnancy so the photographs can be taken at the right time. However, this two-week window is the only time we will have to get the crucial poses we are looking for since it is easier to handle the baby then.

You need a photographer who is patient, experienced and creative. Someone who can think outside the box. Not everyone has the patience, expertise or imagination for newborn photography. Capturing moments through unique newborn portraits is our expertise. Agnes puts a lot of thought and effort into creating each photograph to ensure that it is a memorable experience for you and you will love every single thing. The work that I create is not just a photograph or a portrait; it is a unique work of art. I have expertise in newborn photography so I will be able to better comprehend your needs, so together we can create something you will love.

I will make all the necessary preparations before the day of the shoot to make it a memorable experience for you. During the consultation, I will guide you about various things relevant to the shoot such as what you should wear for the family portrait with your newborn. 



Eternalize the most tender and heartfelt chapter of your life with a set of photographs to celebrate life, joy and family. Nonetheless, the maternity photographs I create and present to my clients are nothing less than a masterpiece. Some say that I have a knack for making clients look ethereal through my creative insight. Creativity, hard work, and the knowledge I have garnered about photography and editing over the years, helps me present the moms-to-be at their best.

Since I take care of all the planning, the expecting mothers are way more relaxed and confident, which channels into the portraits making them look nothing less than professional models posing for a magazine cover. The best part is that the clients are having fun throughout the shoot so they have charm radiating from them, which added to the pregnancy glow makes for exquisite photographs. Regardless of the theme, the aesthetic elements and the occupants of the picture, I do my best to create masterpieces where the mothers are the hero of the photographs.

The purpose of maternity photographs is to capture and safeguard your memories and feeling so you can revisit them at any time you want. However, creating such photographs that not only capture the essence of parenthood and love but also are something you can proudly showcase in your home requires careful planning, creative insight and a lot of hard work. Each and every element in the photograph needs to be selected carefully – the right lighting, backdrop, colour theme, maternity gowns, and whatever else is required to get that perfect shot.

You and I will create the masterpieces together, so the result is something you will cherish
I will provide you with multiple choices and options that will make you feel empowered. Also, it will allow you to contribute more to such an important event of your life – the creation of a priceless heirloom.

I will be there with you every step of the way to create a unique masterpiece to showcase in your home. I will help you choose the perfect location, guide you with choosing the right photographs for the heirlooms and wall art, and more.

Your husband or significant other will also feature in many of your maternity photographs to create love and magic in the portraits. Maternity is all about capturing your love story in the best way possible so when you view the maternity photographs ten to fifteen years down the line, you can still feel that intimacy, love and joy, you felt on the day of the shoot.



Family photography is essential to capture the memories, love, and bonding that is shared amongst the family. Times change, kids grow up and moments pass, things never stay the same. However, you can still cherish what you have now and relive the old days through the photographs. I understand how special the bond is that you share with your family. Thus, I create family portraits you can hang in your home as an heirloom. Moreover, you can even get a family photograph taken annually to document the changes in the family and see how your kids grew up.

Your family portrait is a representation of you as a family, which is why I try to find out about how you like to spend time together as a family, in the consultation. I will ask you about which activity do you love doing as a family, or what is your favourite family game. All this helps me come up with the perfect idea for your family portrait, that showcases you as a family. The portrait will capture you as a family; each element will be chosen with great care and will have a meaning behind it.

I put a great deal of effort and endless hours in carefully planning everything from the initial shot to the final edit, so the photograph turns out exceptional. I want to capture your familial bond, the love that you share, the essence and beauty of your relationship, the happiness, laughter and more.

I spend an average of 30 to 40 hours on editing before showing you the images and guiding you about what would look best in the album, as a portrait, in a wall art and more. Afterward, I double check all the photographs, create custom albums and will hand deliver everything to you. Seeing the expression of glee on your family’s faces upon viewing the masterpieces is what is the ultimate compensation for me.

I aspire to create artworks that will stay in your family for generations and will be cherished through the ages. The fine art portraits that I create are like time capsules or heirlooms, which can be viewed whenever you are hit by nostalgia.



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